a play by Dome Theatre
At Essex Flowers Gallery
54 1/2 Ludlow Street, NY, NY 10002

A 31-hour durational performance
Starting Friday June 3rd at 5pm
Ending Saturday June 4th at 11:59pm

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Directed by Forrest Gillespie

Doctor - Jane Cramer
Doctor - Tatiana Kronberg
Doctor - Dylan Latimer
Doctor - John Christopher Morton
Doctor - Akiva Saunders

Frances D. - Christian Dautresme
Rosie K. - Alexandra Egan
Lucy K. - Lilah Friedland
Gertie C. - Haley Hughes
Miron C. - Chad Laird
Margaret A. - Emo Toby Rose
Cecil M. - Wendell Seitz
Leonard L. - Devang Shah

Ramon - Sameer Kapoor

L Dopa seeks to show the light in the mostly extinguished Mind and places its Actors in the corrective psychical tunnel.
Suffering from the dread Encephalitis Lethargica, we bring them to the Plane's Surface with much technique, much therapy, much medication.